Solus Gold™

Embolization Device

Optimized for precision placement and physician ease-of-use.

Solus Gold Embolization Devices comprise a gold metal implant mounted on a dual catheter delivery system. The implant has the potential to be placed with a high level of precision and when expanded, the solid metal surface has the potential to immediately stop blood flow and reduce the risk of vessel recanalization. A simple manipulation of the device hub provides mechanical detachment, without the need for a handle, cables, or a box. Solus Gold is only for use in blood vessels where crush or bend forces are not anticipated.

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Solus Gold Device


Detachable gold implant


Independent 2.0 Fr microcatheter accepts a 0.014” guidewire

Delivery Catheter

Independent 3.3 Fr delivery catheter for implant delivery, expansion, and detachment

Is time of the essence?

The Solus Gold Embolization Device can be placed quickly and has the potential to provide immediate occlusion.

Need to preserve a branch vessel?

The Solus Gold Embolization Device has the potential to be placed precisely and accurately.

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